A Hollywood film crew
away on location in Mussolini’s Italy —
Caught between Fascism
and a rising tide of anti-fascist fury!

Francis X. Bushman

No shunned movie idol ever had more at stake than Francis X. Bushman in 1924. Once dubbed “the handsomest man in movies,” he has been cast aside now for five years after a messy infidelity scandal. But his freak casting as the villain Messala in “Ben-Hur” could be his shot at redemption.

Only three things stand in his way: A studio mogul who detests him…A public that has forgotten him…And an overseas production that has gone haywire.

Can an amoral newsman with an equally suspect past help Bushman rebuild his reputation… or will a beautiful, strong-willed signorina become both men’s downfall? “Cast Aside” is an insider look at the crimes, passions and publicity stunts of Hollywood’s final months on location in Rome.

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The author outside his Laurel Canyon home, circa 1978.

About The Author

I was born in Los Angeles under the Hollywood sign. So I learned early on what’s behind the magic of movie-making. In 2012, I left a career in journalism to write novels that dramatize key incidents in film history.
As a novelist two things in particular interest me about the early “picture makers.” The first is their innocence. The second is their corruption.
It’s the oldest story there is. And still the best.

Look for the latest video chapter about the incredible history of the 1925 silent classic — from its tumultuous year in Mussolini’s Italy to the scandal-ridden filming of the epic chariot race in Culver City, California.

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